Sele med lomme, sele med GoPro feste, sele for GPS

Dog harness with integrated procket

One of the best things I know is being on walks with my dog. And I don't want to waste time searching for dog bags or treats. 

This is why I developed the HappyPaw dog harness. It comes with an integrated pocket. And this is the key. Here you can place all the essentials you need on daily walks. 

You can also replace the small pocket with a larger pocket, where you can place a GPS or more things you need to bring with you. 

Or, you can add a GoPro, using a special GoPro mount. This way you get to see what your dog experiences. 

This way the HappyPaw dog harness is build for everyday adventures, whether you need a GPS or you want to make it in to a GoPro dog harness. 


Check out the video in Norwegian where I explain the features of the harness: 

Happy trails, Steinar Holøs, Founder of HappyPaw