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We are using the HappyPaw harness with GoPRO, in training and when we are conducting search operations for missing dogs.

Kjetil Johansen (NITRO-search and rescue)

We find the FENRIS harness to be perfect in both work and training. With the possibility of attaching a GoPRO camera we get a insight to how the dog works and what it sees.

Frank Lauvstad (NITRO- search and rescue)

HappyPaw FENRIS is the perfect harness for my service dog, with the possibility of my dog Aiko caring a little bit more. I have my hands free.

Johanna Eike (Norwegian Service Dogs)

Quick start your walk with HappyPaw FENRIS

The harness comes with a practical pocket for the essentials you use on the everyday walk. Take on the HappyPaw FENRIS harness and you are ready.

The harness is build for active use and so you don't waist time looking for dog-bags, treats and other small things you usually bring with you.

You can even get the XL-pocket if you want to bring even more on your walk.


GoPro Mount

See the world through the eyes of your dog with the GoPro Mount. Capture incredible footage on adventures, see what the dog is doing when roaming around on its own, and see how your dog sees you during training.